Scottish Labour claims that The Scottish Government has an historic opportunity to reduce the prevalence of homelessness in Scotland right now.

The party says that they can do this by providing councils with the funds they need to ensure that those who are receiving shelter currently are not returned to the streets after the pandemic.

Serious concerns have been raised by organisations, such as Shelter Scotland, over the potential for vast numbers of people to be made homeless after the pandemic has passed as they fall into rent arrears.

The Scottish Government failed to support amendments to the recent coronavirus bill to support those facing potential homelessness from the Scottish Labour’s Pauline McNeill.

Scottish Labour is calling on the Scottish Government to do right by those facing unemployment and do what it can to help councils ensure that people stay off the streets.

Scottish Labour local government spokesperson Sarah Boyack said: “Councils have been at the forefront in ensuring that those who need shelter during this crisis have received that shelter and support.

“Homelessness is a scourge on our society. If we can drastically reduce homelessness in a pandemic, then we can do so afterwards.

“The Scottish Government must dig deep and fund councils properly to keep those who have been homeless sheltered and supported, and to prevent more people being made homeless in the future.”

Scottish Labour communities and equalities spokesperson Pauline McNeill added: “We are facing a potential tidal wave of evictions, and so far the Scottish Government has failed to do what it can to protect those faced with homelessness.

“It is time for the Scottish Government to do right by those in need and support the efforts of councils to end homelessness. This is an historic opportunity which Scottish Labour urges the government not to miss.”