Unseen Trails – Journeys made Visible is a joint art exhibition between artist Alan McIntyre and social enterprise Crossing Countries. This is a collaborative exhibition revealing journeys in Scotland and South Africa.

The overarching theme of this two-part exhibition is how people navigate their environment and what they leave in their wake. It is being staged in Gallery 3 of St Margaret’s House 151 London Road, EH7 6AE. from 23 November until 30 November 2019 between 10.00am and 6.00pm.

Jean Cathro (founder of Crossing Countries) supported Alan on White Stick
Trails as part of Alan’s developing practice as an artist with progressive sight loss.

Alan wanted to capture impressions of his emotional and sensory
experience as he navigates his environment and to incorporate these into his art practice. He is reliant on the signals from his white stick and by taping a marker pen to it he was able to make his journey visible. His other works, Dream Walks explore journeys through nature.

Crossing Countries, a Scottish social enterprise, adds an international perspective to the exhibition as it provides opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to volunteer together.

This summer they took the idea behind Alan’s work to Bobbi Bear (a human rights organisation who help sexually abused children) and Mason Lincoln Special School in Umlazi Township, Durban, South Africa. The result is Imizwa Yobicuko: The Pulse of Creativity.

Organisers expect visitors to participate in their creative process by touching their tactile pieces and leaving their own fingerprints on the work.