From creators Erth Visual & Physical Inc, this critically acclaimed international hit theatre show invites audiences to travel back to a time when some of the largest carnivores and herbivores walked the planet.

With fun scientific facts interspersed with audience participation and some terrifyingly lifelike (but very friendly) puppets, the show delivers on its promise to let the young audience get right up close and personal with an amazing array of prehistoric creatures.

Children of all ages will love this show.

Anticipating some trepidation in the younger members of the audience, the presenter explains that the dinosaurs aren’t real and is sensitive to the reactions of the children selected to participate.

The participation itself is great fun – although the children are aware that the dinosaurs are puppets, they are clearly swept up in the prehistoric world created by the actors in the show. The real wonder on their faces as they meet some of the creatures who inhabited the earth 65 million years ago is a joy to see.

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