Edinburgh west MP, Christine Jardine has called on Scottish Water to investigate claims of rats in Haymarket during ongoing sewerage works in the area.

The MP has been told  that some properties have been affected by the rodents and residents fear they have been displaced by the £4m sewage system upgrading project.

Now Ms Jardine  has asked Scottish Water, and The City of Edinburgh Council, to take urgent action to investigate the issue.

She said: “It must be close to intolerable for residents who have put up with so much to allow the sewage works to take place.

“These latest claims have to be taken seriously and I hope both Scottish Water and the Council will act quickly.

Nobody wanted the sewage system to fail but surely there has to be a limit to what people are asked to put up with.

“It is currently unclear what help and advice has been offered to residents and businesses, but I hope they will clear this up too.”

A Scottish Water spokeswoman said: “We’ve been really proactive with the community and local businesses throughout this project and have had no issues with rats on our site or complaints relating to rats or other vermin.

“We would refer any issues to the Council and would encourage anyone concerned to contact them directly.”