Until 3 June 2018 you can see some 1960s and 70s art from the New York scene in the exhibition Lee Lozano : Slip Slide Splice.

Lee Lozano was very active in making her “language pieces” which culminated in General Strike Piece and “Dropout Piece” when Lozano left the Big Apple and the art scene.

She simply refused to engage with all the support structures in the art world which then meant her work was unnoticed and less well known. Recently this tide has turned and now the Fruitmarket says it is reassessing her work.

There are pieces from all through the artist’s career with small paintings from 1962 and a selection of drawings from around the same time.

Four huge abstracted paintings are put in context with related drawings and notes unseen until now.

The other part of the exhibition will be Infofiction which is a restating of the language pieces made in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1971 just before giving up art.

On Saturday 31 March 2018 there is a Saturday tour as normal but this week’s will focus on the Lee Lozano exhibition. 2.00 – 3.30pm The Fruitmarket Gallery 45 Market Street EH1 1DF

Further Saturday tours each Saturday until 2 June 2018.

On 27 April 2018 there is a talk about the links between Lozano and Dame Muriel Spark when author Andrew O’Hagan and the Director of the Fruitmarket Gallery explore the parallels  between Lozano and one of Spark’s protagonists in The Driver’s Seat  in terms of their self-destructive tendencies. Details of the evening event on the website.

On 17 May you are invited to join Ruth Bretherick of the Fruitmarket Gallery to discuss refusal in the context of Lozano’s work. When you book there is some reading to be done ahead of the event so do your homework! Evening event 5-6pm.