Sally Cuthbert has not always been a jeweller, but she is both talented and passionate about her craft. She hopes that her new collection of necklaces which is on display at Open Eye Gallery,  will be a way for women to own something very wearable, durable and unique, which they can then pass on to the next generation.

The inspiration for the collection came from her observation that professional men used to have watches on chains to wear during their business day. Now using that clever concept she has created a similar piece of relatively understated workwear jewellery for women. This range is now firmly in the 21st century but the necklaces themselves are timeless and examples of heritage.

The necklaces in the Albert21 collection are all in sterling silver and Sally hopes they will appeal to women who want one piece of statement jewellery to take them through their work day into evening. Each necklace is unique and hand made. As well as viewing them and being able to try them on at Open Eye you can see the whole collection and other previous collections online here.

Jeweller Sally Cuthbert

Sally explained : “Every single one is unique and one of a kind. When I make another one I do use the designs again but everything will be slightly different. I like to make them all unique, because we are all unique and I think jewellery we wear should be the same.

“I trained as a three dimensional designer but I had never studied jewellery until a few years ago when I went back to learn the technical skills. I did that not by going back to university or college but by shadowing a few lovely mentors who have been really kind to me on the journey. Even now when I need some skill that I don’t have, I just go and find some way of learning it.

“I have a studio where I work. All the pieces start as silver wire by the metre, and then it takes a bit of bending, shaping and soldering. After that everything needs a lot of polishing.”

Jilly Dobson, Director of The Open Eye Gallery, said: “We are delighted to be hosting this exhibition of Sally Cuthbert’s new collection, Albert21. Her previous collections have proved very popular with our clients.   Sally’s work is beautifully designed and made and this elegant new range of necklaces for women to wear in their work place environments will, I’m sure, prove just as successful.”

The collection is also available by commission in gold, and Sally may extend the collection to bracelets too.

At Open Eye Gallery 34 Abercromby Place EH3 6QE until 6 June 2018.  t 0131 557 1020