An Edinburgh man who abandoned his male Lhasa apso, called Tyson, has been given a £225 fine and has been disqualified from keeping, owning or looking after any animal for five years following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

Alexander Charleston, 28, of Edinburgh was sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday (8 September).

Charleston pled guilty to abandoning the canine by tying him to a lamppost without food, water, protection or shelter which would have caused him to suffer unnecessarily.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA Inspector Jenny Scott said, “This was a very cruel incident which caused Tyson to suffer. Thankfully he was spotted by members of the public who made sure he had shelter and water.

“He drank two full bowls of water when offered which suggests he hadn’t had access to water before being tied up.

“Tyson was not chipped either, which since 2016 has been a legal requirement for dogs.”

Jenny added, “We welcome the fact that Charleston has been dealt with by the court and been banned from keeping pets for 5 years. We are also very pleased that Tyson now has a loving new owner.”

Photo courtesy of Scottish SPCA