Highlights this year from Soho Theatre include the hugely anticipated Wild Bore

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by international stars Zoe Coombs-Marr, Ursula Martinez and Adrienne Truscott, together with Natasha Marshall’s debut play Half Breed.

Fringe 2017’s seventieth birthday includes the welcome return of Fleabag, Girls and Rash Dash’s Two Man Show as part of the British Council Showcase.
Two Man Show.
Celebrating the UK-India’s Year of Culture Indian stars Aditi Mittal, Ahir Shahand Vir Das with his criminally idiotic, comedic, musical, lyrical genre-bending band Alien Chutney and Alexei Sayle, Anne Edmonds, Late Night Gimp Fight, Natalie Palamides with her show Laid directed by surrealist comedy legend Dr Brown, and Richard Gadd, bringing his award-winning show Monkey See Monkey Do back to the Festival
Alexei Sayle – A true comrade in charms.