TradfestAdrift, as part of Tradfest, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, this year, highlighted all that is great about the festival, with the seamless juxtaposition of words and music.

Originating from Newfoundland, this is the tale of Adam, the departure of his grandfather, and his way of dealing with it. He goes back to his grandfather’s vocation, building himself a boat, taking to the sea and in the meantime leaving his mother, abusive father, sister Gina and girlfriend Anna. He finds himself washed up on an island, in solitude, repairing the boat to leave for home, after an accident at sea.

Then follows a tug between home and away mainly due to the travails of his family life.

Song and music created by Australian-born Susanna Orr Holland, tale told by Owen Pilgrim, being from Newfoundland, we are indulged with this haunting depiction, a cultural richness in storytelling.

Susanna, singing mostly in Gaelic, enriches the whole experience, accompanying Pilgrim’s story in unusual style, occasionally playing the guitar but generally mystifying us with her use of the Indian Harmonium. Adding atmosphere to his spoken word, the audience are blown like Adam against that island.

A fragrant tale of death and the realisation that life must continue, this piece leaves the audience more adrift than the protagonist of this tale.