Here’s a lovely idea!

Marriott Hotels Edinburgh have been working on a new project which aims to showcase a few of their favourite local businesses – the places where residents go to eat, drink, shop and generally unwind amidst all the festival bustle.

A spokesman said: “As the Festivals taking place across the city draw to a close, we wanted to encourage visitors to the city to experience the same unique side to the area that these locals know and love, beyond the glitz, glamour and flyers.

“We spoke to:
• Anta
• Blackfriars
• Cult Espresso
• Dovecot Studio
• Pickering’s Gin

“Each location has its own unique feature on our Edinburgh Festival site including photographs shot by Future Positive, and a short video interview.

“We really hope you enjoy reading about these local people and businesses!”

Submitted by Victoria Stanton