The Scottish Government has given its backing to the Small Business Saturday initiative which takes place on 6 December 2014 across the country.
Angela Constance, the Cabinet Secretary for Training, Youth and Women’s Employment joined a nationwide bus tour on its stop in Edinburgh today to promote the event to both consumers and small business owners.  The focus of the day will be to promote independent small business owners.
The liveried Small Business Saturday bus, was in the Grassmarket earlier today.
Also on board were  representatives of Barclays’ Digital Eagles , Scottish Power and the O2 Angels, providing  support and advice for consumers and small business owners.

“The first Small Business Saturday last year was an exceptional example of  collaboration and co-operation with small businesses teaming up in communities  around the UK,” explains National Campaign Director Michelle Ovens.

“Our bus tour last year was a very visible way of bringing Small Business  Saturday to centres around the UK and was instrumental in drumming up interest,  support and enthusiasm. We are visiting even more places this year and hope  small business owners and consumers will visit the bus to get information and  find out ways in which they can support small businesses and make the day work  most effectively for companies in their own communities,” Michelle added.

Cllr Gordon Munro, Vice-Convener of the Economy Committee, at Edinburgh City Council  said: “I’m really delighted to see the Small Business Saturday bus in Edinburgh today.  The Grassmarket, like our other town centres in Edinburgh, is full of great shops and exciting places  to eat and drink. I would really encourage residents to support their local businesses, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

“Edinburgh’s vacancy rate for town centres is well below the national average and by supporting Small Business Saturday
and through work such as our building stronger town centres programme, we can continue this success.“

American Express founded the hugely successful ‘Small Business Saturday’  initiative in the U.S. in 2010 and is an active supporter of the programme in  the UK, as part of its on-going commitment to encourage consumers to shop small.

Business owners can already download marketing packs from the Small Business  Saturday web site and further information can also be found on the Small  Business Saturday Facebook page


  1. So at what point will you mention the fact that City of Edinburgh council and the Greater Grassmarket BID are closing small independant businesses down in the very area you are holding this!!! They are FORCING us to pay a Levy (a charge on top of the already high business rates) if we refuse to pay we get court action brought which will end in court costs and we have to close, and if we cant pay then we close. so tell me again exactly WHAT is the City of Edinburgh council doing to help small businesses? NOTHING!! they should be holding their head in shame! And what has happened to the almost £200,000 that small businesses have already been forced to pay via their Levy’s over the past two years? because NOTHING has changed in the Grassmarket, Nothing at all infact sales have fallen over the last two years, we dont even have proper christmas lights this year! and lights we do have were not paid for by the BID, it was a grant given to the Residents assoc… so once again, where has the £200,000 gone? Questions need to be answered as there is a lot of very unhappy business owners in the area demanding answers and BID and the Council are not interested in answering them.

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