Yes@Meadows 8Commenting on today’s outcome of the Scottish independence referendum, Kirsty Haigh, NUS Scotland Vice-President Communities, said:

“Since the campaign began, NUS Scotland has worked hard to ensure that students and young people were aware of the issues and empowered to use their vote, and the results of that have been incredible. Across colleges and universities all over Scotland there has been a phenomenal level of engagement, students and young people have made their voices heard like never before, and we absolutely disproved the myth that they’re apathetic about voting and politics.

“While todays result is clear on the outcome of the vote, it’s absolutely vital that no one across Scotland or the UK thinks that it represents an acceptance of the status quo. As the campaign went on, we rightly saw a huge consensus across Scotland for the need for a more powerful and distinct Scottish parliament, independent or not. We want to see politicians and parties on all asides of the debate now come together and agree a formal process to carry that consensus forward, for a new way of doing politics, democracy and decision-making in Scotland.

“Across college and university campuses, towns and cities, we witnessed people taking power back into their own hands, and away from politicians, to debate and discuss their future. In the coming weeks, we’ll be working with our partners across civic society to ensure that continues, and that as we start to consider the future of Scotland within the UK, that power stays in the hands of Scottish society, through a process led by Scottish society.”