North Berwick Bay
North Berwick Bay

North Berwick is a lovely little town just half an hour from Edinburgh and easily accessible by car, train or bus from the centre. The town has great beaches all along the front with a walled in swimming pool for those brave souls wanting a dip, and the Scottish Seabird Centre.

The coastal scenery is stunning in both directions, with amazing dog/family walks along Yellowcraigs beach, Gullane bents, views of Fidra Island to the east, and the amazing volcanic island of Bass Rock.

Like many people living in Edinburgh I have made a few trips out to North Berwick and the surrounding area but having heard the hype around the Lobster Shack I was intrigued.

The Menu
The Menu

The Lobster shack is located on the harbor wall and has a small seating area overlooking the bay. Their sister venue the Rocketeer is set back 100 metres from the harbour next to the Seabird centre and has a loo as well as credit card machines.

At the Shack you will get your lobster in a fancy brown takeout box, smothered in garlic butter and served with chips, coleslaw and salad. The Rocketeer’s menu is a bit larger but the main event is still the same and just as good! For those non-lobster people you can choose from a huge range of treats such as mussels, sea bass, fish and chips, and even a steak sandwich! Today we tried a crab and prawn pot with was pretty darn good with loads of crab, marie rose sauce and some iceberg lettuce – even better than a prawn cocktail!

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During the summer and especially at the weekend you can end up waiting up to an hour for your lobster but it really is worth it – just order a wine or a Thistly Cross Cider and you wont even notice. The fresh lobster is hot and garlicky, coleslaw compliments it perfectly and the chips are to die for. Eating can be a messy process and probably not first date fodder but cracking open the claws and getting butter down your shirt is part of the experience.

The Main Event - Hello Sailor!
The Main Event – Hello Sailor!

On the way home we went to the Gosford Bothy Farmshop which has a huge selection of meat on the butchers counter including venison, pork, beef, chicken and more, not to forget freshly grown local veg and cakes. You can sit out on the lovely little terrace and enjoy a coffee and cakes while you get over your lobster fest!

The Gosford Bothy Farm Shop
The Gosford Bothy Farm Shop


  1. I get weary of restaurants/shops who advertise “Fish and Chips”, the description of ‘Fish’
    could mean anything with fins and gills that swim in rivers. ponds. sea, streams etc. etc.
    Time to get this description clarified and advertise whether the fish is fresh or frozen and the species. What could be more appealing than “Fresh battered Haddock and chips” Rather than saying “Fish and Chips” as if the method and species were something to hide?

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