One of the council’s primary schools has been classed as one of the leading schools in the country.


Castleview Primary School in Craigmillar has been praised by Education Scotland inspectors in a report published today.

The school and nursery class were awarded two ‘Excellent’ grades and six ‘Very Good’ grades during the inspection – making it one of only a handful of primary schools in Scotland to achieve an ‘excellent’ for its curriculum.


The report highlights a number of key strengths:


  • Outstanding leadership for learning and staff teamwork
  • Children’s motivation and engagement in learning
  • Care and support for children
  • Partnerships with other agencies to meet children’s needs
  • The quality of the curriculum and the opportunities that it gives children to achieve


It goes on to say that:-‘Staff provide outstanding levels of care and support for children’, ‘the quality of the curriculum is excellent’ and ‘children are involved in leading exciting, dynamic school shows which are popular with parents and the community’.

The report also highlights the work of acting headteacher Greg Dimeck who had been in post for five months at the time of the inspection. It says: ‘In a short space of time he has established very positive, supportive working relationships with staff, children, families and partner agencies’.

Lindsey Watt, Headteacher for Castleview Primary School, said:- “To be given an ‘excellent’ grading for curriculum and meeting learners needs is like winning a school Oscar! This report confirms the outstanding teamwork, leadership of learning and staff commitment to providing sector leading educational opportunities for Craigmillar’s children.

“Although I’m currently on secondment I’m continuing to keep my links with Craigmillar as it has a very special place in my heart. I’m on the Castlebrae Working Group and am continuing to work closely with the high school and their headteacher Derek Curran to ensure that we can provide a strong curriculum for all the children in the area.”

Dr Bill Maxwell, Chief Executive of Education Scotland said:- “I would like to congratulate all the pupils, staff and parents at Castleview Primary.  This is clearly a school which has fully embraced the opportunities which the new Scottish curriculum now offers.

“I know our Inspectors were impressed with the quality of leadership from the headteacher, Ms Watt and a skilled and committed set of class teachers were also singled out for their efforts in meeting the needs of the children exceptionally well. Well done to the whole school and keep up the good work.”

Councillor Paul Godzik, Education Convener, said: “I’m delighted that the inspectors found such a high standard of education at the school and praise must go to all the staff for all their hard work in achieving this. This reinforces the Capital Coalition’s commitment to ensure every child in Edinburgh has the best start in life.”

Castleview is next door to Castlebrae High School which was recently given a reprieve by the council who decided against closure.