Fairtrade crisps tested at Holy Rood High School 495C2F8BPupils from Edinburgh’s 11 Fair Trade schools were today presented with a bag of the UK’s first ever Fairtrade crisps in recognition of all their hard work in support a fairer and more sustainable world.

The crisps have recently been launched in Scotland and are made from  a type of banana called plantain which is produced and packaged at source by small land farmers and their families in the Amazon region of Ecuador.

Dario Sepeda, Ecuador European Regional Fair Trade Coordinator, and Juan Diego Stacey, Trade Commissioner of Ecuador in the UK met with the Lord Provost and pupils from Holyrood High School to thank them for their support.

Lord Provost Donald Wilson said:- “It was a real pleasure to meet Dario and Juan, two very hard-working and passionate individuals, and it was fitting that the event was held at Holyrood High School, who played such a big part in supporting this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight.

“Innovative schemes such as this highlight the great work going on to promote and further the Fair Trade cause here in Edinburgh, while having a genuinely positive impact on Ecuadorian farmers and their families.”

Fairtrade crisps tested at Holy Rood High SchoolDario Sepeda added: “Working on the production of plantain crisps has helped Ecuadorian families engage in a fairer way of working that supports the natural environment and gives them a better quality of life.

“We are delighted that the products were launched in Scotland which is one of only two Fair Trade nations in the world. The awareness, interest and commitment to the Fair Trade cause by the children and young people we have spoken to from Edinburgh schools gives us hope for the future.”

Plantain Chips is a joint venture by two Fair Trade companies in Scotland, Fair Business Alliance Ltd and Fair Trade Scotland Ltd. These two companies, small but dynamic, have passionately worked to support the campaign to make Scotland a Fair Trade Nation and supported small-holder farmers in Latin America. They believe this new and unique product will diversify the Fairtrade market in the UK and turn more people into Fairtrade supporters and lovers.

Fair Trade plantain crisps comes from 100% organically grown plantains, high in potassium and available in 3 flavours, salted, spicy and natural. They are already being distributed in shops throughout Edinburgh like Earthy, One World Shop and Real Foods and across the UK.

In the photo:- Niamh Kerry, Shelly Dobson, S1 pupils at Holy Rood High School, Juan Diego Stacey, Trade Commissioner of Ecuador in the UK, Lorraine Legrix, Head Teacher, Holy Rood High School, Lord Provost Donald Wilson, Juan Andres Santelices, Managing Director of Edinburgh based Fair Business Alliance, Dario Sepeda, Ecuador European Regional Fair Trade Coordinator, Bethany Burgess, Callum Turino, S1 pupils with Holy Rood High School Fair trade teacher Lesley Hind.