“A Gorgie Dalry Christmas” – Online Christmas Web Portal

Online: http://www.thegd.org.uk/christmas
Email: Christmas@thegd.org.uk
Contact Name: Pol Steele

A Gorgie Dalry Christmas is the first project hosted by the Getting On In Gorgie Dalry campaign!

Our aim is to provide both local residents and visitors alike with a detailed information guide to the many Christmas and New Year services, celebrations and community events happening across the area.

The website will also provide a freely available online platform for local businesses, shops, restaurants and bars to promote their seasonal offers, late night shopping events and winter sales.

Obtaining a listing is free and open to all shops, businesses and community organisation across the Gorgie Dalry area.

Cost to taxpayer/local residents: Zero!
“By sharing ideas and working together we can – Find solutions to local issues – Foster an even greater sense of community spirit – Make 2013 a very special year for everyone who lives, works and visits Gorgie Dalry!” Pol Steele

The Getting On In Gorgie Dalry Campaign
Despite the outstanding way Gorgie Dalry residents coped during the recent outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease – Unduly negative and inaccurate media coverage has left the area’s image severely damaged!

Local residents, community groups, businesses and politicians are now coming together to share ideas and put into practice means whereby Gorgie Dalry can be promoted as a great place to live, work and visit.

A Gorgie Dalry Christmas is the first project hosted by the campaign and is intended to provide an online platform for communication and cooperation between local businesses and community organisations.

For further information on the Getting On In Gorgie Dalry Campaign
Please visit http://www.thegd.org.uk/gettingon

Submitted by Pol Steele