The US Senate Committee has called for the Lockerbie Bomber’s medical records to be released. According to the Scottish Conservatives, the SNP Government has been refusing to do this for a year now.
Annabel Goldie MSP, Scottish Conservative Leader, says:

“The Salmond and MacAskill soundbites are now hollow and meaningless. We need facts.

“Even before he was set free, Scottish Conservatives argued that there had to be independent and compelling evidence of a probable three month prognosis before the SNP could even consider releasing Mr Megrahi, yet no such evidence has been produced. The SNP Government continues to keep the medical reports secret. It is disingenuous for the SNP to say they will respond to the US Senate Committee’s request ‘in due course’ when we know they have consistently refused to release this evidence for almost a year now.

“The prison doctor was the only person prepared to give a three month prognosis, but he has admitted that no cancer expert was willing to do the same. This begs the question of just what the four NHS specialists did say. Every day that the SNP refuses to publish their evidence, suspicions only grow that the prison doctor’s opinion was not supported by the cancer experts. Until we see that evidence, we do not know.

“The US Senators have a justifiable interest in the Megrahi release, as they represent US families devastated by the Lockerbie atrocity. Will Alex Salmond live up to his promise of last year to ‘fully cooperate’ with international inquiries, or will he continue to hide behind a cloak of secrecy surrounding the medical files?”