The SNP said today Scottish Water should stay in public hands, a view shared by the Scottish people.

Responding to calls from the private sector and the Tories for Scottish Water to be sold the party pointed out that Scottish Water was performing well in the public sector and that the party had no plans to change its status.

SNP MSP Joe Fitzpatrick said:

“We know the people of Scotland want Scottish Water to stay in public hands and we share that belief.

“Scotland is facing some tough financial decisions but selling off Scottish Water – one of our key assets – is not a solution.

“It is the Tories and Lib Dems who want it privatised – while Labour have no idea what they want.  And for the Tories and Lib Dems it is simply a way of putting more cash in London’s pocket – where any money from a sale would go.

“Scottish Water does a good job and provides good value for money to the Scottish people.  Under the SNP it will stay in public hands.”