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What’s on in October – The Scottish Listed Property Show

Many homes in central Edinburgh are listed, and that brings with it responsibilities and some difficulties when sourcing tradespeople to renovate or maintain the centuries old buildings. Now experts are coming to Edinburgh for a...

Lazarowicz wants the government to think again about VAT on alterations

by Edinburgh North and Leith MP, Mark Lazarowicz 20% VAT plan for listed building alterations is bad news for Edinburgh and Leith The UK government’s budget has come under a lot of criticism for a number...

A Real Stushie at Real Foods

Scotland’s largest organic food retailer has launched an online petition protesting Edinburgh City Council’s demands that they remove their shop front signs. Real Foods on Broughton Street, which prides itself as Edinburgh’s first natural food...

Law to be changed on Historic Buildings

The Historic Environment (Amendment) (Scotland) Scotland Bill has been backed by Parliament, harmonising the existing legislation protecting our historic buildings and monuments. In addition to the introduction of certificates for immunity from listing during a...

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