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Comedy Double Bill

18th May 2010 at the Cameo - for one night only!With Carl’s laidback storytelling and Pete’s sharp, inspired observations, you’re guaranteed a great show.PETE JOHANSSON “This is the funniest first hour I have ever seen...


Launching at Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2010, ‘Features Scotland’ will provide producers with a range of training, market knowledge, promotional and networking opportunities that will enhance their understanding of the market and...

The Blind Side

We all know that it is not cheap to go to the cinema - but £7.55 for a film seems just a little hefty somehow. Which is probably a lot to do with the...

Hannah McGill Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival speaks!

What does Hannah look for in a film that may open or close the Festival?Hannah McGill: It's a combination of factors and a degree of instinct! It is very important for both events that...

Toy Story in 3D!

How lucky are we! This will be the first screening outside the US where it opens on June 18th.Anyone who has seen Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will know that it will...

The Ghost

It left a very unsatisfactory sense of wondering where the plot really was. The idea was there but it seemed the filmmakers had given up resolving all the issues and had decided that the...

The Cameo

Otherwise go to the Cameo website by clicking hereFESTIVAL THEATRE TO HOST FILM FESTIVAL PREMIERESThe Scottish Government is funding the installation of new digital cinema facilities at Festival Theatre Edinburgh which will enable...

Food Inc

Frieda Morrison the former presenter of The Potting Shed chaired the session when all present expressed their shock at the contents of the film and their hopes that this would not happen here in...


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