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The Trams are back on track…..


Trams – emergency motion at Council meeting

This is the text of the emergency motion laid before the Council today at the meeting of the full council."The City of Edinburgh Council - 18 November 2010Liberal Democrat Emergency MotionCouncil notes that:(i)    the...

Edinburgh Trams November 2010

As any journalist knows there should be balance to each story and there are always two sides.So here are the two sides of the story surrounding what the outgoing chairman of Edinburgh Trams, David...

The Tram Project

Yes, trams were on the agenda at the full council meeting yesterday and they were dealt with. Agenda item 8.1 referred to the Tram Update Report which we have already highlighted in an earlier article....

Trams as at 10th October 2010

The full City of Edinburgh Council meet on Thursday at 10am. Trams are on the agenda for the first time since June and this is the latest update from Mandy Haeburn-Little, Director of communications...


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