The Edinburgh Reporter Business Services

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The Edinburgh Reporter is all over Edinburgh. If your business is based here then we need to know about you, but so do your potential customers.

There are many options for getting your business name out there and Phyllis Stephen the founding editor of The Edinburgh Reporter can help you do just that.

With regular press releases, photographs, video reports or articles and features about your key staff members, your business could be the one everyone is talking about. We can help you prepare those for other publications and of course publish them within our electronic pages too.

Learn how to use Twitter and Facebook to promote your business, be coached on how to present yourself for TV and radio with real practice sessions.

We also offer a service where we will update your blog for you on your own website. It is no longer enough to have a blog or a Twitter account any more. They have to be regularly updated with new content to keep your customers interested – and if you are running a business you might just be too busy to do that.

Contact us today to learn about our bespoke business packages, tailored to fit your time and your budget. Email