Let’s have a quick look at the numbers: Thecoffee machinemarket size in the UK is predicted to grow by more than 4% in the next two years.

About 12.5 million people in the UK have a pod machine, and accordingly, millions of people in the UK use bean-to-cup, manual, automatic, and other coffee appliances.

The growing demand for coffee appliances is not surprising, as coffee consumption daily reaches about 1 billion people. When it comes to the workplace, having a coffee maker has become more required than before. However, one question is a matter of concern for a lot of companies:

Which Coffee Machine to Buy for Office?

Consult with different business owners, and you will hear different opinions about the best type of coffee appliances for an office. The truth is that every company should buy a coffee appliance based on customised requirements: the number of employees, brand type, coffee type, coffee machine features, etc.

To save time and avoid going from store to store, you can compare and buy coffee machines within one specialised platform, like CoffeeMachinePro. You will be able to have a detailed understanding of each appliance and get an expert guide when choosing one for your needs.

Regardless of which coffee machine you buy for your office, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits.


Making a cup of coffee with a coffee appliance is easier. In the case of most coffee appliances, it can be as easy as making coffee with a button touch. Covid-19 has changed most of our habits, so instead of going to the nearest cafe, employees prefer to enjoy their barista-quality coffee in the office and spend time on other activities. Besides, it gives them the flexibility to drink quality coffee in short breaks.

Productive Employees

According to a survey, approximately 28 per cent of responders claim that having a cup of coffee at the workplace makes them more productive. Of course, this is logical, as coffee contains caffeine which helps to maintain productivity at work. A study shows that about 10% of coffee drinkers improve their concentration and focus as soon as they drink a cup of coffee drink. Hence, productivity is a critical facet of business success.

Barista Quality Coffee

Each coffee drinker gives critical importance to the coffee quality. Having a coffee appliance in the coffee will ensure your employees drink high-quality coffee that will boost their mood and create a positive and friendly working environment in the workplace. Having a coffee appliance is like a “hint” that you care for their health and want your employees to enjoy every moment in the workplace.  Your employees put much time and effort into your business growth, so creating a practical workplace for them will be like a small reward for their work.

Health Benefits

Besides being a beloved beverage, coffee is famous for its unique health benefits. The coffee brewing method has a direct impact on its benefits. Drinking perfectly brewed coffee will help you to boost your energy level and bring a wide range of health benefits.

A coffee machine in your office is like an investment to ensure your employees drink perfectly-brewed coffee. From lowering the risks of depression to supporting heart health and avoiding the risk of many health issues: these are just small parts of the benefits of the coffee that coffee machines produce.

Less Time for Brew and More Time for Variety

Making a cup of coffee without a coffee brewer will take much time from your employees, especially when they share different preferences. Having a coffee machine will cut the time employees spend on brewing and provide them with a coffee variety. When taking a coffee appliance for your office, make sure it brews different types of coffee drinks. It will allow your employees to enjoy the process and drink their favourite beverage even on the busiest day. Preparing coffee should be more fun than a hassle, which a quality coffee brew ensures.


Giving importance to the coffee type and brewing methods is critical as quality coffee directly impacts health and well-being. Coffee has a unique range of health benefits. Hence, you should care for your employees’ wellness by providing high-quality joe by a “barista.”

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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