Plans for a cycle path at a £70 million hospital have been lodged three years after a councillor walking at its grounds clashed with cyclists.

Former East Lothian councillor Sue Kempson, who stepped down at May’s local government election, branded cyclists using a shared path with pedestrians the “most arrogant and nasty people” after her experience. She later apologised for her comments, which came at a meeting of health chiefs where it was revealed plans were underway to segregate cyclists and people on foot as they walk around East Lothian Community Hospital.

The Haddington community hospital, which opened outpatient services in 2018 and was officially completed in October 2020, has seen  a huge investment in landscaping and surrounding gardens for both patients and community use.

The new cycle path will run along the south of the hospital linking with Alderston Road and an old railway line.

The plans lodged with East Lothian planners by NHS Lothian include street lighting for the path and additional landscaping around it.

Concerns over cyclists using a footpath on the grounds were raised at a meeting of East Lothian Integration Joint Board three years ago after Dr Kempson called for rumble strips to be put on it to stop speeding bike users.

She told the meeting: ““I have serious concerns about the cyclists. They are the most arrogant and nasty people.”

The meeting was told the issue would be considered ahead of the hospital becoming fully operational with signs already put up advising people not to speed on the existing path.

However plans for a new cycle path were welcomed by health bosses at the time and are now set to go ahead.

by Marie Sharp Local Democracy Reporter

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