Having the opportunity to travel the world and discover new places is a great pleasure and a tremendous privilege. Among the many outstanding destinations favored by tourists around the world, New York City is among the most popular and prestigious.

The Big Apple has it all: an intriguing history, unique architecture, great bookstores, fantastic plays, shows and musicals, high-level sports, and first-class cuisine.

Speaking of food, visitors are strongly encouraged to take a New York Food Tour during their trip, to learn about the city’s history and culinary traditions while strolling through this stunning metropolis. Food Tourism is a booming trend in New York and elsewhere, as people take advantage of their travels to embark on exciting gastronomic adventures in each place they visit.

A city that has something for everyone

It’s almost impossible to be bored in New York, a city that has just about anything its visitors might be looking for. There are all sorts of fun activities which you can enjoy while visiting, all but guaranteeing a memorable stay.

Why not start by taking a tour around Central Park – one of the most iconic and representative location of its kind in the United States – or take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, sailing close by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty?

New York’s museums are remarkable too, both for their quality and their sheer quantity. Tourists can take their pick from hundreds of informative venues, including the Met, the MoMa Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Morgan Library, the Art Museum, and a fascinating museum dedicated to the events of 9/11.

Another place that needs to be on your New York City bucket list is Times Square, where you can appreciate the city’s frenetic pace by stopping for a second and taking it all in.  And if you are a music lover, attending a musical on nearby Broadway – home to some of the best shows in the world – is sure to be a truly incredible experience.

The Brooklyn Bridge is another imposing feat of architecture, whose impressive engineering impresses thousands of visiting tourists each day, and makes for a unique view while walking between Boroughs.

If you’re more of a sports person, don’t pass up the opportunity to attend a live NBA game at Madison Square Garden, or alternatively take in one of the many NHL, NFL, and baseball games which take place in the city.

And last but not least, we have the New York Food Tour, a truly unique experience for food lovers in the Big Apple.

Food tours in New York City

Visitors in New York City who are looking for an unforgettable gastronomic experience are encouraged to indulge in a spot of Food Tourism – and the city has plenty of options for just about any palate!

The first tour we recommend is the New York Pizza tour, which begins with a secret dish, followed by a coffee and a slice of Lebanese pizza.

Moving through the city streets, the tour covers a wide range of stories from the East Village and St. Mark’s, with a quick stop at Tompkins Square Park. Unique, Asian-style pizza and stuffed pancakes are also on the menu, as are a variety of New York-style pizza slices, including pepperoni and Margherita.

Having sampled all these different takes on the classic New York pizza, it’s time for dessert, and a delicious Bavarian cream pie that’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Another excellent food tour takes participants on a journey through New York’s iconic Greenwich Village, to learn about how the city’s most traditional and beloved foods have evolved – and then taste them!

The tour begins with a delicious bagel, and a falafel sandwich, then a slice of pizza which – perhaps – represents the city better than any other food. Another secret dish is followed by dessert and a flight of local craft beer.

Finally, our third recommended Food Tour – this time in Brooklyn – begins with trendy sandwiches and Mexican toast, followed by artisan meatballs and a visit to an Italian-style bakery.

Taiwanese-style bubble tea is served in mid-afternoon, before a dinner of exquisite roast duck with rice, and a fantastic dessert, wrap things up in style.

Culture and food

New York’s tendency for culinary and cultural fusion is obvious throughout these three tours, with their delicious and eclectic menus that span all four corners and five Boroughs of the city.

While visiting this fascinating metropolis, tourists can sample amazing dishes from Asia, India, South America and Europe, in addition to classic local cuisine.

New York has something for everyone, from culture to sports, and from history to shopping. But the food is absolutely among the highlights of this amazing city, and worth making the trip for on its own.

So if you are a foodie, and ever have the opportunity to travel to the Big Apple, grab it with both hands and enjoy everything the city has to offer.