A city salon has recruited a leading Ukrainian hair stylist to their staff. Simon Hill the owner of SESH Hairdressing in Leith was introduced to Viktoriia Vradi and has helped her set up her career base in Edinburgh for the time being.

Simon Hill said: “It is an honour to welcome Viktoriia to the SESH family. Her work is outstanding, she is an internationally recognised name within the hair industry and we are lucky to have the chance to work with her. To provide some light for even one family during this difficult time is our pleasure at SESH and it truly is a gift to have Viktoriia with us for the time being.” 

Viktoriia is an internationally renowned hairdresser with her own salon in the heart of Ukraine, Le Salon VRV. With the current situation in Ukraine, it was becoming increasingly challenging for Viktoriia to continue her craft safely and follow her creative passion for hairdressing. She has now moved to the capital with her husband and son.

Simon and Viktoriia