The action against struggling Newcastle Diamonds at Armadale consisted of two heats, one raced on a dry track, and one on a very wet track, before it was decided that conditions were not suitable for safe racing.

A heavy shower of rain fell between the two races and the best efforts of the track staff could not produce a suitable surface. It was the first time this season a meeting has had to be called off.

Referee Seth Perkin said: “I’ve done a couple of meetings at Armadale before and we’ve managed to get them on, but tonight there was further rain after the track repairs and we just couldn’t continue.”

Monarchs skipper Sam Masters (pictured by Jack Cupido) was a comfortable winner of the opening heat and partner Jacob Hook at one stage slipped past Ricky Wells before Newcastle’s guest No 1 regained third place.

That’s when the rain really started to fall but 30 minutes later the riders emerged for Heat 2. Lee Complin won with Newcastlw guest kyle Bickley (Berwick Bandits) second. Jack Smith (Newcastle) was initially well-placed but eventually stopped. Jacob Hook (Edinburgh) suffered the same fate and Diamonds won the heat 3-2 but, with the rain falling again, the referee called riders and management to the pits.

The match was abandoned and the result does not stand.