It was a Harrogate stop-over for us on the journey from Scotland to London. Obviously, you seek advice on where to eat and Gianni’s Brio restaurant was suggested.

The plus points were it was within five minutes walk from our hotel, it was almost in the centre of the busy town, it was highly-recommended and it is family-run.

What’s more, it was modern and has been operating since 1983. The place stacked up in so many ways.

It’s busy, but so slick is the operation that the quality of the food is not diminished in the slightest. This was some of the best pasta I’ve ever had in an Italian restaurant anywhere.

Staff were attentive but not overly so, and we did not have to wait long for our meal. It was melt-in-the-mouth pasta and the portion was just right.

I did not fancy a dessert but when it arrived it was so appealing that I asked for a spoon to taste. They took the dessert back to the kitchen and split it into two. 

That’s service. 

It’s bright and, because of its size and the volume of business, it can get a tad noisy but it is spotless and everything is done to a high standard.

Gianni’s, we found out, is well-known for quality and it thrives on return business. That’s an accolade as there are so many restaurants in a small radius fighting for trade.

So, the message is simple, if you are in Harrogate for a visit or a conference – the vast conference centre is just across the road – then give this a try. We were not disappointed.

Gianni’s Brio, 40-42 King’s Road, Harrogate HG1 5JW or call 01423 553953 for a booking which is advised.