To be classed as a first-time buyer you, your spouse, civil partner or even a friend or family member both have to be classed as first-time buyer. If one of you has owned a property before or currently owns a property, then then your first-time buyer right is not applicable.

From 22 November 2017 first time buyers paying £300,000 or less for a residential property will pay no Stamp Duty Land Tax.

First time buyers paying between £300,000 and £500,000 will pay SDLT at 5% on the amount of the purchase price in excess of £300,000.

If there are any questions as to whether you qualify as a first-time buyer it is best to check the HMRC guidelines or speak to a tax advisor.

Choosing the right conveyancer for you

So you have found a Conveyancing Solicitor, congratulations! How do you know this is the right Conveyancer for you? Great Question. Looking at the Conveyancing Solicitor reviews on Google, Feefo and Trust Pilot are a great way to see their previous clients’ experience.

Recommendations from estate agents or friends and family give you first hand experience as to how that conveyancer works. Don’t forget to have a look through the website of the Conveyancing Solicitor you are thinking of instructing and check what services they offer and think about what services you want.

Do you want to meet the conveyancer near me in person? Do you want to check your case progress via an online portal? Find the conveyancer who is going to offer you the service you want.

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Conveyancing Steps

There are 3 keys stages in the Conveyancing Steps to take note of:

  • Initial Agreement to Buy or Sell
  • Exchange of Contracts
  • Completion

Moving home can be stressful. This is why it is important to find a conveyancer who can make it a positive experience. It goes without saying but to find a conveyancer is easy but to find a good conveyancer requires a little more thought and effort.

You should always hire licensed conveyancing solicitors such as AVRillo who are the best conveyancing solicitors in Guildford and the top property conveyancing solicitors in Barnet.

How do I find a conveyancer?

There are so many firms now offering conveyancing services it feels like you can have the pick of the bunch! However, it pays to do some research first to help you find a conveyancer who can give you the best service suited to your needs. It is a good way of seeing what is out there and what different firms have to offer. A good starting point would be to ask your friends and family for recommendations. If they have had a positive experience with a firm this is a good indicator of the level of service to expect. Alternatively, use the power of google to find a conveyancer in your local area and contact them directly to make enquiries and obtain quotations before you make any solid commitments.

How do I find a conveyancer right for me?

Have a think about what you need and only approach firms who offer this service. Afterall, it would be devastating to find a conveyancer that you like only to find out that they don’t offer the service that you require. Ideally, you want to find a conveyancer that you can trust and feel comfortable with. This will make the whole process easier for you and a lot less stressful! Find a conveyancer that you like the look of and investigate the firm’s social media platforms. Look at reviews on Google and Trustpilot. This will massively influence your decision.

Our advice: Research is IMPORTANT! Take the time to read reviews and make enquiries and
you will find a conveyancer which is right for you