A new exhibition at Harvey & Woodd at the top of Dundas Street represents the careers of by Beatrice M.L. Huntington (1889–1988) and her husband William ‘Spanish’ Macdonald (1883–1960).

Beatrice Huntington’s works span seven decades and show her development and versatility as an artist from early sketches and designs through to formal portraits. Key examples in the collection show her brief but significant engagement with the European avant-garde in the 1920s as well as influence from her husband as they travelled together in Spain and France. There are also examples of her portraiture from the 1920s and 30s when she enjoyed success as a portrait painter.

A group of later works, dating from her return to painting after her husband’s death in 1960 represent her later style.

William Macdonald is chiefly represented by a body of work from his time in Spain, mainly painted during the 1920s, but also by examples of his portraiture and notably by a lively self-portrait. A group of Canadian landscapes complete an important part of the family’s narrative as they spent time in Nova Scotia and Quebec in the 1930s and during the Second World War.

Alongside works from the studio of both artists, the collection includes a vibrant and very personal portrait of William Macdonald By F.C.B. Cadell, who was a close personal friend of both artists.

An exhibition of work by Beatrice Huntington and William Macdonald 13th – 25th June 2022

Exhibition opening hours: Monday to Friday: 11-5. Saturday & Sunday: 11-4