In today’s business world, corporate image is a critical factor in the success of any business. What people think about your company, including your products and services and your operations, can either open or close doors. Therefore, it is crucial to create and maintain a strong company profile and progress your business. Similarly, getting clients for your business and winning customer loyalty is a common challenge for every organisation, small or large. However, winning new business can be a reality with the proper planning and decisions. Below, you will find some of the best strategies to help you achieve a positive image and stay ahead of competitors.

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Keep Your Promises

Trust is a crucial part of any customer journey, so you will need to ensure you keep your promises. For example, if you are an online retailer who promises same or next-day delivery, you will need to be confident you can keep the deadline every time. Failing to fulfil a promise will not only drive your customers away, but it will also prompt them to share their disappointment with others. Instead, focus on maintaining excellent communication and building strong relationships with your target audience. Provide real-time notifications and updates to ensure your customers are aware of any unexpected problems.

Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

Certifications and badges are a great indicator of best practice, as they can provide customers with peace of mind. Moreover, with cybercrime showing no signs of slowing down, protecting customer data and ensuring adequate security controls is essential. High Table can help you achieve ISO 27001 certification, which is the international standard for information security. It aims to manage and minimise your company’s risk exposure and allows for the secure exchange of information. As a result, this will build trust between the business and your customers, enhancing your reputation and reducing the need for customer audits.

Value Your Employees

As social media has become such a ubiquitous part of our lives, what your employees say about you can affect your reputation. However, your organisation has the power to influence that by creating a healthy company culture and implementing progressive employment policies. For example, you may want to invest in HR management solutions and incorporate mental health initiatives. Consequently, employees may feel like part of a community, instead of individuals who help the company get work done. Apart from workplace culture, this may involve improving the recruiting process, interviews, and employee remunerations.

Give Something Back

Remember that brands are part of the communities they operate and work in. This means that you can showcase your values by supporting social causes. There are many local and national charities which would appreciate a helping hand. Regardless of whether you offer practical or financial help, you can demonstrate your commitment to your customers and community. Some simple ideas include putting a collection jar on your counter, sharing your skills and expertise, or sponsoring an event. These types of opportunities will allow you to create a positive image and engage with new audiences. Make sure you notify the relevant media about your work and get employees involved as well.

Develop Personalised Experiences

Personalisation is one of the most popular marketing trends, as many customers appreciate it when they receive a personalised experience. Therefore, it is crucial to understand who your customers are and find out their needs and wants. It may be helpful to look at demographic data and develop customer profiles based on your typical customers. Moreover, in today’s hyperconnected world, customers expect you to be there when they need you. This means that you will need to create an omnichannel service experience, where your customers can contact you via different methods, such as by phone, email, text message, live chat, and others.

Build A Professional Website

Your website plays a major role in the quality of your corporate image, as it is the first thing that comes to mind when people want to learn more about a particular brand or product. As a result, your company’s website is where prospective customers get their first impression of your organisation. Online users often leave a website, if it is unattractive or unappealing. This is why it is important to manage your business website effectively and update it regularly. Be sure to create an informational and easy-to-navigate website, that engages your audience and helps you control your image.

Ensure Consistent Branding

To drive customer loyalty, you must provide a consistent customer experience, that fosters trust and confidence in your brand. Also, your brand commitment shouldn’t only be shown through words. It should also be backed up with the right actions and decisions. If you want to make your brand recognisable, use your visual brand components across all platforms and channels. This will also help to create a strong association between your core values and the visual elements of your brand. Moreover, when you have brand consistency, it is much easier to shape the perception of your brand in the minds of consumers.

Address Customer Queries Faster

Most customers nowadays expect an immediate response to support and marketing queries. This means that slow response times and failing to resolve an issue online can diminish your company’s reputation. Real-time response is crucial, as customers expect immediate help when a problem arises. Some useful techniques you can implement to reduce response times include implementing customer service software, using email templates and text shortcuts, as well as categorising and prioritising the queries you receive. As a result, you will save time and keep your customers happy.

Reward Your Customers

It is important to provide your customers with a great experience and reward their loyalty. For example, you can offer extra perks, such as special discounts, deals, gifts, or free shipping. Make sure there are different payment plans, that customers can choose from. You may also want to invite your customers to special events hosted by your company. This can help you create a community and make them feel valued. The more you impress your customers, the easier it will be to enhance your corporate image.

Bolster Your Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to interact with your target audience and share engaging content with them. However, you will first need to identify the channels where your customers are present and use them to sell your products and provide relevant information. Also, be sure to make a consistent effort with your brand’s voice, tone, and logo to establish trust with your social media followers. If you want to boost your legitimacy, take full advantage of all fields, such as description, contact information, and location. Remember to verify branded accounts if the option is available.

Listen To Customer Feedback

Lastly, customer feedback is an important driver of long-term growth for any organisation. Therefore, the key to successful customer feedback is to listen to it and act accordingly. However, it is also crucial to ask for customer feedback at the right time. For example, you may want to ask customers what they think at the end of a chat conversation, during a product tour, or after a transaction checkout is completed. Once you have collected the feedback, you will need to analyse it, segment it into categories, and transfer it to the right teams.