There are three councillors elected to represent this ward and only one who was elected in 2017, David Key SNP, stood again.

The others – Green councillor Gavin Corbett resigned to take up a position at The Scottish Parliament with the Scottish Greens, and Andrew Johnstone a Conservative stepped down after one term. Greens lost their seat here to Labour whose Val Walker had 22.4% of the vote.

  • The electorate totals 18,284
  • Votes cast 9,112
  • Turnout 49.8%
Cllr David Key elected in Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart
Cllr Christopher Cowdy elected in Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart


The 2022 results are as follows:

Name Political PartyStage elected
Christopher CowdyConservative1
David Key SNP7
Val WalkerLabour5

These are the candidates who stood in 2022:

  • Scottish Conservative and Unionist – COWDY, Christopher
  • Scottish Liberal Democrats – GRAHAM, Fraser John Ashmore
  • Scottish National Party (SNP) – KEY, David
  • Scottish Libertarian Party – MASSON, Gregor
  • Scottish Green Party – MCHANEY, Megan
  • Scottish Family Party: Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Life – RAMSAY, Fraser Kenneth
  • Labour and Co-operative Party – WALKER, Val

2017 results

In 2017 the candidates who were elected included:

  • Gavin Corbett – Scottish Green Party – elected at stage one
  • Andrew Johnston – Scottish Conservative and Unionist – elected at stage one
  • David Key – Scottish National Party (SNP) – elected at stage six

Electorate: 17,032
Votes cast: 9,205
Turnout: 54.0%

Final position of the parties in Edinburgh at the 2022 election