The longstanding Green councillor Melanie Main stood down at this election as did Nick Cook who was formerly a Conservative Transport spokesperson.

The Conservatives held their seat here with a much diminished share of the first preference vote, while Labour the Liberal Democrats and The Scottish Green Party all increased their share of the first preference votes.

  • The electorate totals 25,204
  • Votes cast 13,618
  • Turnout 54%
Cllr Marie-Clair Munro elected to the Morningside Ward
Ben Parker elected in Morningside Ward
Cllr Neil Ross PHOTO ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter
Mandy Watt Launch of 2022 Edinburgh Labour Manifesto at Coffee Saints with Cllr Cammy Day and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar MSP PHOTO ©2022 The Edinburgh Reporter


The 2022 results are as follows:

NamePolitical Party Stage elected
Marie-Clair MunroConservatives7
Ben ParkerGreen1
Neil RossLiberal Democrat1
Mandy WattLabour1

These are the candidates who stood in the ward:

  • Scottish National Party (SNP) – CLYDE, Mairianna
  • Alba Party for independence – GUNN BARRETT, Leah
  • Scottish Conservative and Unionist – MUNRO, Marie-Clair
  • Scottish Green Party – PARKER, Ben
  • Scottish Liberal Democrats – ROSS, Neil John
  • Scottish Libertarian Party – SIDOR, Peter
  • Scottish Labour Party – WATT, Mandy Helen

2017 Results

  • Nick Cook – Scottish Conservative and Unionist – elected at stage one
  • Melanie Main – Scottish Green Party – elected at stage three
  • Neil Ross – Scottish Liberal Democrats – elected at stage five
  • Mandy Watt – Scottish Labour Party – elected at stage five

Electorate: 23,861
Votes cast: 13,682
Turnout: 57.3%

Final position of the parties in Edinburgh at the 2022 election