As we reported earlier this evening the Greens and the SNP have confirmed they are having discussions about forming a minority coalition in Edinburgh.

With 19 SNP councillors and 10 Greens there would not be a clear majority on all policies, but the two manifestos are fairly well aligned on many matters.

Adam McVey, SNP Group Leader, said: “I am happy to say the SNP Group has begun formal negotiations with Green colleagues with the aim to form a coalition.

“The election saw the SNP returned as by far the biggest party and there is broad support for the progressive ideas we have to take Edinburgh forward.

“The SNP and Green groups are having constructive discussions about how we can work together to implement the policies that we campaigned for and that our residents voted for. These meetings have been positive and focused on the further progress we can deliver for Edinburgh.

“We believe this coalition gives Edinburgh the best way forward to tackle climate, fight poverty and improve the core services we all depend on.

“The City deserves clear and strong Leadership and I am confident we can provide that. We look forward to continuing discussions with Green Councillors to explore how we can make sure the capital has a fair and successful future.”

At the elections the largest single party elected was SNP with 19 elected members – Cllr Danny Aston, Cllr Marco Biagi, Cllr Kate Campbell, Cllr Martha Mattos Coelho, Cllr Denis Dixon, Cllr Stuart Dobbin, Cllr Catherine Fullerton, Cllr Neil Gardiner, Cllr Fiona Glasgow, Cllr Euan Hyslop, Cllr David Key, Cllr Simita Kumar, Cllr Lesley Macinnes, Cllr Finlay McFarlane, Cllr Amy McNeese-Mechan, Cllr McVey, Cllr Vicky Nicolson, Cllr Frank Ross the former Lord Provost and Cllr Norman Work.

The Green Group comprises Cllr June Bandel, Cllr Chas Booth, Cllr Steve Burgess, Cllr Dan Heap, Cllr Claire Miller, Cllr Alys Mumford, Cllr Kayleigh O’Neill, Cllr Ben Parker and Cllr Susan Rae and Cllr Alex Staniforth.

Cllr Adam McVey Leader of the SNP group on The CIty of Edinburgh Council ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter