Voting for the Scottish Conservatives in Thursday’s local government elections is the only way to guarantee the focus will be on people’s local priorities, Douglas Ross has said. 

The Scottish Conservative Leader said voters across Scotland have an opportunity to send Nicola Sturgeon a message today that they “won’t put up with her failing Scotland any longer”. 

He said every Scottish Conservative councillor elected will be focused on delivering on local issues, such as fixing potholes, helping pupils catch up after the pandemic and ensuring bins are collected.  

The Scotsman reported on Wednesday that a poll by SavantaComRes for the paper shows that Scottish Labour will comfortably secure second place over the Conservatives with a seven point lead, mainly as a result of the Partygate revelations.

Douglas Ross added that Nicola Sturgeon has proven again that her eye is off the ball and her councillors will be distracted by constitutional politics. The SNP leader stated earlier this week that she intends to hold and win an independence referendum next year. 

He also highlighted that Labour are more likely to work with the SNP than stand up to them.  

Labour are in coalition with the SNP in six councils across Scotland, and they are standing at least 25 candidates who are supportive of independence or another referendum. 

Douglas Ross and Ruth Davidson enjoy the seaside at Portobello 2 May 2022 ©2022 The Edinburgh Reporter

Mr Ross said: “Today, people across the country have the opportunity to send Nicola Sturgeon the strongest possible message that they won’t put up with her failing Scotland any longer. 

“Voting Scottish Conservative is the best way to beat the SNP and get the focus onto your local priorities, like fixing roads, cleaning up streets and investing in schools.  

“Labour can’t be trusted to stand up to the SNP. They’re in coalition with the SNP in six councils right now and they’re standing dozens of pro-referendum candidates in this election. It doesn’t matter if Anas Sarwar is pro-UK, his party isn’t. Labour will betray pro-UK voters the minute the election is over.  

“Voting Liberal Democrat could ultimately mean putting the SNP into power too. They also won’t rule out a coalition with the SNP.  

“Only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives will guarantee we lock the SNP out of power and get all of the focus onto your local priorities. 

“If every pro-UK voter unites, just like last year, we can beat the SNP together.” 

Polls are open across Scotland from 7am until 10pm. The votes will be counted electronically on Friday beginning at 8.15am.

A total of 399,239 people are registered to vote in Edinburgh, of whom 96,671 have applied to vote by post.