The Indian Street Restaurant, Dhoom, has won a Highly Recommended Pace in Scotland award in the Scottish Entertainment Awards. 

This latest follows several award wins in 2021, with the Dunfermline restaurant recognised in the Scottish Curry Awards. Dhoom Indian Street Restaurant & Bar is now celebrating its latest success –   a Highly Recommended Place in Scotland Award – in the Scottish Entertainment Awards held in Glasgow last week.

The award comes hot on the heels of launching a new street food menu from Delhi.

Owner and Head Chef of Dhoom, Dhaneswhar Prasad (known as Prasad) said: “We are delighted to win this latest award, we are continuously getting recognition from all over Scotland which is fantastic.

“We are the only restaurant in the country which travels all over India every time we change the menu in a bid to reflect real street food from different regions of India. Our customers love the authenticity, the colour and the spice, coupled with the fact we use the finest quality ingredients and give them the very best service we can in our friendly and welcoming restaurant.

“We’d like to thank them once again for their support in winning us this latest award, as indeed they have helped us win several others,” said Prasad. “Many of the awards nowadays are entirely dependent on customer online votes. We really appreciate the time they take to do this and simply could not have grown this business without their unwavering support over the last two years which obviously has been a very hard time for us all.

“At the start of April we launched our new Menu Delhi 6, which is authentic but healthy street food from the streets of Delhi,” continued Prasad. “Our tagline with this menu is very simple, it’s proper flavoursome Indian food which is also dairy free, nut free and gluten free. Feedback from guests has been very good, they love the dishes, and the fact it’s delicious without any butter, cream or nuts in it.”

Examples of the dishes on the menu include Bhojpuri Dal Chawal, a lentil and rice dumpling mixed with grated coconut; Potato Chop, marinated grated potato pakora from the lanes of Chadini Chowk, and Bhalti Ka Murgh, chicken marinated with toasted gram flour and ground spices, and then grilled to create a traditional chicken tikka from Punjabi Bagh. Main course choices include Paneer Butter Masala, and Junglee Maans, a lamb curry cooked with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, green chillies and coriander.

Prasad said: “I want thank my whole team at Dhoom – we are like a family. They show such dedication to create a different path for Indian food in this country. We’ll keep coming up with delicious concepts and we’ll keep putting Dunfermline on the culinary map.”