People have smoked for many years. However, smoking tobacco is now known to pose multiple health risks. This has pushed smokers to consider less risky alternatives. Vaping, or using e-cigarettes, has emerged as one of the most popular alternatives to smoking. It does not involve burning tobacco (which produces many toxins) but instead heating an e-liquid and the users inhale the vapour that is produced.

A look at e-liquids

E-liquids, also known as vape juices, vape liquids or e-juices are used in electronic cigarettes or vape kits to produce a flavoured vapour when heated. The vapers breathe in the vapour to get their hits.

There are three main ingredients that manufacturers use to make e-liquids— propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavourings. In addition, some e-juices contain nicotine, but there are also many that are nicotine-free for those who do not want the effect of nicotine.

When it comes to e-liquid flavours, there is a wide range of flavours that users can choose from. Some of the common flavours include menthol, banana, vanilla, bubble gum, tobacco and strawberry. The choice of the flavour is a personal thing and users pick the one that they find exciting and appealing to them.

Why choose tobacco flavour e-liquid?

As a user starts vaping, they may find it difficult to pick a flavour that works for them. However, as a new vaper, the best idea would choose a flavour that is familiar to you to make the transition easier and smoother. If you are a smoker who is working on quitting the tobacco stick, you should consider the various tobacco flavour e-liquids as well as menthol flavour e-juices that work well for smokers switching to vaping. Fortunately, you do not have to look all over for a perfect flavour e-liquid because you can buy ePuffer tobacco flavour e liquid which is a top-quality vape juice from one of the best vape manufacturers.

Here are some of the reasons to choose tobacco flavour e-liquid:

Tobacco flavour e-liquid is a perfect choice for ex-smokers

Smokers switching to vaping are more likely to enjoy the tobacco flavour and look for something to fulfil their cravings. They can consider tobacco flavour e-liquids, even if they do not taste like traditional cigarettes but have a much better taste. However, they are good enough to help deal with any potential cravings ex-smokers may have. If you are switching from smoking, then they may help you.

There is a wide variety of tobacco flavour e-liquid

The beauty of vaping over smoking is that it offers a much wider range of flavours to choose from thus catering to different users. What’s more, even within a particular e-juice flavour, like the tobacco flavour e-liquid, there are also several varieties to ensure vapers do not get bored. E-cigarette users can choose flavours that are similar to their favourite cigarette brands or even go for tobacco flavours that are blended with menthol or their favourite fruit flavour.


Vaping tobacco flavour e-liquid is a great experience and can help those switching from smoking to enjoy a smoother transition. In addition, tobacco flavoured e-juices can be blended with many other flavours to produce great tastes and aromas thus giving vapers more variety to avoid the boredom of having only a few choices.

Photo by Vaporesso on Unsplash