Glasgow coach Malcolm Cameron (pictured) called on the Purple Army to cheer his men to victory over Manchester Storm (19.00) which will end former Clan coach Ryan Finnerty’s side’s hopes of squeezing into the end-of-season play-offs.

Cameron said: “The crowd is going to be a big influence on Saturday night. (During a game) You can feel the energy going up and down the bench when there’s a goal, a big hit, a big save or a fight. It gives the guys such a shot of adrenaline.”

He added: “I like being the masters of our own destiny rather than backing in off someone else’s loss. Manchester are like a cornered animal, still fighting their way back in and those are the hardest ones to beat. They won’t be giving up and we’ll see their very best, so we have to match that.”

Meanwhile, Fife Flyers head into this weekend’s double-header with Dundee Stars after being the first of the ten Elite League teams to have been frozen out of the play-offs.

It’s a real downer for the club and the fans, particularly as arch rivals Dundee are still in contention for a place in the showcase, end-of-season event and the elimination could impact heavily on the box-office for Saturday’s (19.15) clash at Kirkcaldy.

On a positive note, Flyers actually lead the series with their Tayside neighbours 2-1 and 4-3 overall in all Elite League competitions. However, Dundee have something to play for while Fife are mathematically out and now looking in.