Most residents in the U.K. are entitled to free healthcare given by the National Health Service or NHS. However, some people choose a healthcare plan from private health insurance companies to cover their medical needs.

Several health insurance providers offer excellent plans and policies to their clients. Thus, it is essential to research the best private health insurance plans and providers. In addition, don’t forget to read reviews from their customers.

For instance, by writing “AXA health insurance review” on the internet, you can find several reviews and feedback about AXA health insurance and its services.

It is also helpful to call an expert to guide you in choosing the best plan. Fortunately, the internet offers many free resources that you can refer to that can help you select a health plan.

In this article, allow us to help you learn more about private health insurance and its benefits to give you more insight as to why you should have health insurance.

What Does Private Health Insurance Do?

Private health insurance pays a significant portion of medical expenses if treated privately. It also gives you an option in the level of care you receive, including how and when it is provided.

Without the NHS, it will cost you a lot to access private treatment, especially if you suffer from severe conditions. For this situation, private health insurance can help you.

What Does It Cover?

Private health insurance coverage depends on the plan or policy you buy and your provider. Most basic plans usually cover the costs of most in-patient treatments, such as laboratory tests and surgery.

However, some plans can cover out-patient treatments, including consultants and specialists, and may pay you a fixed or set amount for every night you spend in an NHS hospital.

However, it would be best to ask your provider what their plans cover so you will be able to choose the best plan for you. To help you get the most out of your health care insurance, read this article from Lifehack.

The Benefits of Private Health Insurance in the U.K.

  • Specialist Treatment and Medicine

The NHS does not cover some specialist treatments and medications. They are either too expensive or not approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (or NICE) in England and Wales or the Scottish Medicines Consortium.

Private health insurance may not cover certain drugs but can assist you with treatments that the NHS does not cover. It would be best to consult your provider about the coverage of their policies for further information.

  • Lower Costs

Many people think that health insurance is expensive, but this thought is not valid. Private health insurance companies can provide you with an array of quotes tailored to fit your budget and needs.

  • Shorter Waiting Times

One of the issues with the NHS is the long waiting times. However, you can receive your treatment immediately with private health insurance, and you may even request a schedule.

Another problem people complain about in the NHS is scheduled operations getting cancelled because of emergency cases. Sometimes, functions are called twice or thrice in a row, affecting many lives.

But with private health insurance, you have control over when and where you will get your treatment.

  • Access to Private Hospitals

You can access private hospitals and rooms if you are a private health insurance holder. You can rest well and recover faster on your own in a private room, without any intrusion.

Your family can also visit you without disturbing other patients.

Furthermore, you may choose to access NHS private patient units or stay in a private hospital. However, if you want to remain in an NHS hospital, several providers can offer incentives or payments.

  • Easy Access to a General Practitioner Service

Nowadays, many private health insurance companies offer telephone or online G.P. services. This is usually a phone service or an app that gives you 24/7 access to a General Practitioner.

Private video consultations are now possible as well. These are all thanks to modern technology!

You won’t have to leave your home for a consultation anymore.

Subscribing to a G.P. service is beneficial, especially for young children or those who travel. In addition, some providers allow policyholders to use this service out of the country.

  • Extra Time

Patients who rely on the NHS often feel like they have not had ample time with their healthcare provider. In comparison, policyholders can see the same medical experts whenever needed.

You do not have to wait for your appointment with private health insurance as you can meet your physician anytime. Also, you have more time to talk with your doctor and have less time in waiting rooms.


While the NHS may help you immensely with your medical expenses, private health insurance offers more benefits and advantages. Also, you have options you can choose from that suits your needs and budget.

Therefore, before choosing a health insurance plan, always consider your medical needs.