Celebrating the upcoming launch of Edinburgh Science Festival 2022 on Saturday 9 April, as well as City Art Centre’s long-awaited return as the Festival’s flagship family venue, were 5 lucky children when they got the chance to become scientists for the morning, with messy results!

Making your own slime is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the range of activities on offer for kids aged 3+ at City Art Centre, offering over five floors of hands-on science: from performing an abdomen surgery using real-life equipment, to digging up fossils, building a Mars rover or handling a pig’s heart to learn about blood.

The world’s first and still Europe’s biggest science festival, Edinburgh Science Festival is back to its usual Easter holidays slot with an ambitious programme of exhibitions, a science playground at City Art Centre, workshops, Big Ideas discussions and many more events for curious minds of all ages, taking place in and around Edinburgh between 9 and 24 April.

With Revolutions as its 2022 theme and Cirrus Logic returns as Headline Sponsor with matched funding from Culture & Business Fund Scotland, the Festival celebrates 50 years since James Lovelock first referred to his revolutionary Gaia hypothesis in print – drawing public attention to the interconnectedness of the delicate ecological cycles essential to sustaining life on Earth.

ESF 2022 City Art Centre, Edinburgh, 7th April 2022 © 2022 J.L. Preece

The Festival is also is the first of the biggest Edinburgh festivals to take place in 2022, the year of the 75th anniversary of Edinburgh becoming the world’s leading festival city.

Full Festival programme is available here: www.sciencefestival.co.uk


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