• Name  Scott Arthur

Political Party  Scottish Labour 

Ward Colinton/Fairmilehead

Scott is a Civil Engineer and Professor of Urban Water Management at Heriot-Watt University. He has published over a hundred peer reviewed articles focussed on urban flooding. His work is recognised internationally, and has taken him to places such as Brazil, Japan, Dubai, Australia and China.

His recent work involved reviewing flood risk management in the Glasgow metropolitan area to understand what lessons can be learnt by Scotland’s other cities.  

Scott joined the Labour Party in 2014, and was elected to represent Colinton/Fairmilehead in 2017 with a swing from the SNP. As a Councillor he says he has won support for motions which have focused on some of the most vulnerable people in his ward. This included improvements to free school meal provision and increasing the school uniform grant. These issues were important to him as his family relied on this support when he was a child growing up in the 1980s, and he feels ashamed that today around one in ten children in his ward are growing up in poverty. 

He prides himself as being somebody who he claims even people from other parties agree is a hard-working local Councillor who puts local residents first.  

Outside work, Scott is a keen runner and says he cycles more than any other Edinburgh councillor. He is proud to have completed 237 Parkruns (so far), most of them since he had his cardiac pacemaker fitted in 2015.

What are the main issues you will campaign on?

A key focus is to improve service delivery and, above all else, ensure the Council gets the basics right. I feel that over the past five years Council Committees have churned out an endless stream of policies and strategies, but spend less time on scrutinising service delivery than is needed.

With council budgets under huge pressure, I want to ensure more than ever that service delivery is a priority. Money must be spent efficiently, staff must be respected and residents must be listened to.

 What do you consider to be your or your party’s achievements or legacy during the last council session?

i feel a priority for the Labour Group has been setting up the Edinburgh Poverty Commission, and having the Council accept all of its recommendations. I am proud of how my group stood up to the SNP/Green Government to oppose their cuts, and demand powers to regulate Airbnb and introduce a tourist tax. 

What is the thing that few people would know about you?

I can’t swim.