Civerinos is offering to feed schoolchildren a slice of pizza after school for just £1.

The deal is available at both their Portobello and city centre restaurants.

During Civerinos’ seven years of business, the team have prided themselves on collaborating with the communities surrounding their venues – working closely with food banks and local schools to make top-quality restaurant scran available to everyone. And now they have their “after school” slice – which has actually been on offer in Portobello since that branch opened, but is now being expanded to their other branches – so that no-one goes without.

Civerinos CEO Michele Civeria said: “Over the seven years we’ve been in business, Civs has done a lot of work with local primary schools and secondary schools – after being approached by many of the local schools to help with feeding disadvantaged families, we became aware of the socio-economic problems facing a lot of those who live around us, now more than ever.

“We’ve consistently worked with our local communities to do different bits and pieces to keep kids fed and give them something to look forward to and be a part of – we can’t run venues that allow some to have and some to have not.

“Now, after school, for a certain period, everyone has access to affordable food – no one goes without.”

£1 slices are available for school kids at Civerinos Slice daily between 3pm and 4pm (Monday to Thursday) and from 12pm-1pm on Friday for some real neighbourhood pizza spot love.