Parking in Edinburgh is not a piece of cake, as it is in any town or city founded thousands of years ago. The capital’s public transportation is among the best in the country, and visitors and residents alike are urged to take a bus, train, or tram into the city. If you must drive into Edinburgh, keep in mind that different regions of the city have different laws and restrictions, so be careful to read the signs.

Visitors and travelers to Edinburgh Airport have a variety of alternatives, and picking the proper one might save you a lot of money! Our guide will explain the differences and help you determine which Edinburgh airport parking is best for you.

Check out the signs and the rules, of course! Don’t be caught off guard. Their traffic wardens are a unique breed of vigilant law enforcement officers!

Tips for Cheap Parking

If you’re flying out of Edinburgh Airport for a vacation or to pick up a friend or family member, there are a variety of alternatives to consider.

  • Long-stay parking is always cheaper if you plan ahead of time, so do it before you arrive at the airport to prevent hefty price hikes.
  • If you’re only dropping off or picking up, make your way to the clearly marked short-stay parking lots.
  • Both of these parking lots are rather expensive, so keep a watch on arrivals and only go to the airport when absolutely necessary. It’s not worth it to sit around and wait!
  • At the exit gate, the paid drop-off accepts coins and contactless cards.

Parking options at Edinburgh airport

The Parkos car parking is the cheapest alternative for those flying from Edinburgh.

Their rates begin at £5.87 per day. Keep your keys and park your car. Then wait for the free shuttle bus to take you to the terminal, which runs 24 hours a day. It takes roughly 10 minutes to do this task.

Park and Ride

Park and ride is the best method to travel into town for shopping and work is to park the car and take public transportation. It is also the cheapest option for Edinburgh airport car parking. Those who do not want to give over their car keys to the driver can schedule this service with confidence. Park your car in a reserved spot and take a complimentary shuttle bus to the terminal. The bus is free and takes 10 to 15 minutes to bring you to the terminal.

Park for free at one of the following locations and take the bus, tram, or train into town.

  • Newcraighall
  • Parkos
  • Wallyford
  • Ingliston 
  • Sheriffhall 
  • Ferrytoll 
  • Straiton
  • Hermiston

Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet parking service at Edinburgh Airport is the most suitable and preferred car parking option. Meet and Greet allows you to leave your car with a trustable driver who will park it for you. Arrive on time at the terminal and wait for the driver, who will be there in no time.

Edinburgh Airport Hotel and Parking

Looking for a hotel in Edinburgh that has parking? A lot of hotels have their own parking lots. Are you staying at a hotel that does not provide parking? You may also pay for your parking without having to have cash on hand, without obtaining a ticket, and you can extend it at any moment.

Depending on the package you pick, the processes for parking at the hotel at Edinburgh airport may differ:

  • You may park and leave your car at the hotel for the entire trip, then return to the hotel to drive home when you return to Scotland.
  • You can leave your car at the hotel overnight before shifting it to a safe parking lot on the day of your flight.

Examine the specifics of each hotel to learn more about their parking policies.

There are many things to do in Edinburgh Airport to spend valuable time. You may get spa facials, leave your children in a safe play area, go shopping, have a delicious meal, and do many other things.

Have a Good time in Edinburgh 🙂

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels