Horse racing is another prolific sport in the betting industry with realistic means of bagging huge profits. This implies that punters with the right strategies in the market can experience true profitability.

Even more interesting is that horse racing strategies are relatively easy to learn, irrespective of your expertise.

Even at that, many bettors still dive into these markets without learning the necessary techniques. So, they lose their whole bankroll and blame the entire gambling system for their losses.

Since you are here today, we want you to be an exception to this set of bettors. Hence, we’ll be introducing three profitable horse racing betting strategies to help you experience true profitability.

The Beaten Favourite System

In this system, punters will have to stake their money on a horse that lost its race but had a previous winning streak before the recent loss. It simply shows that the horse is still a potential contender and the last race appeared as a temporary flop.

However, we’d advise that punters go for the best betting deals UK to find top bookies with excellent lucrative markets. This way, you can capitalise on even signup offers to apply this strategy and hopefully win big.

You will be banking on this horse to make a solid comeback to win the next race. Stay calm if you are interested in this strategy but don’t know how to start it. You only have to do simple research to check the rankings, health status, and match history of the horse.

Do you know why this is a profitable strategy? Many top bookmakers pay less attention to a losing horse, granting them higher market odds. It makes it easy for this strategy to be insanely profitable in the long run.

Lay Betting Against A Runner

The lay betting strategy is a popular strategy among sports traders, and it works in almost every sport in the industry with highly marketable potential. But, since we’re dealing with horse racing, let’s focus. Here, it simply implies betting against a runner. And to trigger this bet, you’ll have to spot the three favourites of the race and strategically analyse their odds.

After analysing the three favourites of the race, pick runners with odds between 3.0 and 6.0 and lay against the most underdog in that race. Many bettors attest to winning more than 80% of their time using this strategy. Just take your time to observe the top three runners and their odds before staking.

The Dutching Strategy

The dutching strategy is one of the most successful gambling systems in sports today. At the same time, it involves more mathematical inductions. Many are already scared away from this profitable system without really trying it on hearing maths. Interestingly, to generate odds, even bookies use maths.

The strategy implies that players bet on multiple selections of a horse racing event, with the motive of winning no matter the result.

Additionally, bettors must know this system from basic maths to the result. Thankfully, there is no need to start preparing a book to make these calculations. There are now several online services that help generate every necessary detail you’ll need.

As a bettor using this strategy, you need to stake your desired amount on favourable betting odds for your selections. The calculator immediately derives the best amount to stake on each wager with the best possible profits. Some of these services already have in-built calculators to offer bettors the best betting experience using the dutching technique.


Now that we’ve introduced you to three of the best horse racing strategies in the market, what next? Find your way around horse racing events and start using the strategies to increase your winnings. In addition to that, make sure to do further research on the sport to learn more about it and start bagging profits consistently. Good luck!

Photo by Jeff Griffith on Unsplash