A reader from Trinity has drawn our attention to the “ridiculous number of street signs that are appearing near roadworks in Edinburgh”.

The local resident said: “Surely drivers don’t need five reminders that they need to stop at traffic lights? In this case, on Craighall Road, close to Holy Cross Primary School, they are placed on the pavement, perhaps causing a safety issue as school children may need to step into the road to avoid the signs.

“I contacted the council to ask their opinion.

“I did receive a reply stating that the correct guidelines were followed for placement of the signs. It seems crazy how many signs are in place around the city, sometimes for very minor roadworks.”

“Roadworks – use existing agreements with utility companies, liaison with the Scottish Road Works Commissioner etc to improve the enforcement of statutory roadworks guidance standard of roadworks, to reduce signage clutter on footways etc. CEC should also press the Scottish Government for the stronger powers (including tougher penalties) that would make such action cost-effective.”

As part of the work being carried out by Living Streets Edinburgh to ”cut the clutter”, last year the charity which champions everyday walking reviewed what had been done since they launched the campaign in 2019. While the campaign focused on the removal of permanent signage such as old car park signs which had become redundant and extra poles on pavements now no longer used, the report also made recommendations about roadworks signage:

Paul fae Fountainbridge regularly campaigns on Twitter for better pavement infrastructure and has turned his attention to the development site near Dalry Road most recently.

John Robson also on Twitter pointed out that the pavement outside The Playhouse is too narrow and that the road crossing there which is part of Trams to Newhaven does not offer enough room for those exiting the theatre after a performance. Despite the fact that the council claims pedestrians are prioritised Mr Robson repeatedly publishes photos which he says show just the opposite is the case

What do you think? if you have any instances of good or bad road signs please send them to us