Chef proprietor of Dhoom Indian Streatery in Dunfermline, Dhaneswar Prasad, has just returned from his latest culinary tour of India, during which he has researched new menu ideas for his own restaurant.

“It’s been fantastic to visit India and research some new ideas for authentic street food concepts at Dhoom that I think our customers will enjoy,” said Prasad. “Due to the pandemic, I had not been able to visit as often as I would have liked. There are always so many inspirations!  It’s a pleasure of mine to visit different regions and sample the local offerings. I am looking to keep the dishes authentic but sometimes have to adapt slightly for Scottish taste buds.”

A new taster menu will be available soon. 

“We are hoping to be very busy for Mothers Day and Easter,” said Prasad. “We have got through the winter period and can only look to the future with optimism. I would like to thank all our loyal customers, some of whom come over from the Capital, who have supported us throughout the pandemic.”