On Monday 24 January 2022 the next phase of tram construction will begin between Coatfield Lane and Queen Charlotte Street, just off Constitution Street.

The site will be set up on 22 and 23 January and Constitution Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic including bicycles, but access will be maintained for pedestrians as far as possible. Diversion routes will be signposted as well as any local diversions necessary from time to time.

Following site establishment by Sacyr, Farrans, Neopul (SFN), Morrison Utility Services (MUS) will begin ground excavation with the clearance and diversion of any utility services and archaeological works.

SFN will then begin tram infrastructure, hard landscaping and associated public realm works.

Directional signage will be displayed once the fencing has been installed and the construction site established.

Pedestrian access will be maintained but may at times change throughout the period. Construction works are expected to commence on Monday 24 January 2022 with scheduled completion of Autumn 2022.

Constitution Street will be closed both northbound and southbound between Coatfield Lane and Queen Charlotte Street. No access will be provided at these closure points for any vehicular traffic including bicycles.

Queen Charlotte Street will remain open under 2-way temporary traffic light control for east and westbound traffic for four weeks.

Thereafter a full closure at the junction will be put in place. This is required to allow the diversion of a large number of complex utilities in the vicinity. In order to maintain traffic flow in the area, the junction of Maritime Street at Bernard Street (by Café Marmalade) will open one way heading south.