It is the festive time of the year again, which means finding the right gifts for all the lovely people in your life. Be it your Mammy’s Mammy, or a relative a little bit more distant, here are some ideas to make your festive shopping a little easier.

A Hobby Specific Voucher

While money is often seen as an impersonal gift, everybody likes to receive it. But vouchers straddle a middle ground between a gift and gifting money. They are an ideal way to give money without it being impersonal.

Got a niece that loves Japanese culture? Or maybe a Nephew that loves to skateboard?

Doing a little bit of research into their hobby can lead you to brands, online shops, or high street shops where they can get something they really love! Most brands and shops will offer some kind of voucher to spend in-store or online.

This is a great way to give your loved ones something specific without running the risk of getting them something they already have. Can you tell the difference between skateboard bearings and bushings? Or know the different characters in Sumikko Gurashi?

Alcoholic Gifts

If you are buying for an adult, you may want to consider getting an alcoholic themed gift. This can be anything from a gift set centred around their favourite alcoholic drink, to a tasting set.

Why not get them something from home, like a whiskey tasting set or a gift from the selection available from Glasgow’s own Tennent’s Lager?

There are so many options you can gift, such as merchandise to unique advent packs!

Personalised Hoodies

But we aren’t talking about a picture of the dog or a family photo here. And we don’t absolutely need to personalise a hoodie either, you can get T-Shirts, Shoes, Jackets – the options are numerous!

This suggestion ties in with the hobby specific tip. Does the person you are gifted to have a niche hobby they are into? Or maybe they love old video games or TV shows that don’t sell merchandise?

Making a logo hoodie or shirt for them is a great gift, as it gives them merchandise for their favourite character, game, TV show, film, or hobby that will be unique and specific to them.

There are plenty of online companies that facilitate this kind of service. If you want to make this their “big” gift, then you could even go as far as getting a digital designer involved to make the design that’ll go on the hoodie or shirt.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Books

If you know the person you are gifting to enjoys the odd book, then you can get them books related to a skill they are currently learning, or a hobby they partake in. Even if they aren’t a keen reader, books related to their interests may warm them up to reading!

This is also a great way to show that you care and know about what kind of things interest them. It also gives them a chance to learn something new about whatever the subject of the book is; be it a fandom styled book or a book about cooking vegan food.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels