From today self-isolation period guidance has changed as announced on Wednesday, and guidance on tests for international travel has also been amended.

Today marks another milestone as the millionth confirmed case of Covid-19 was reported. As at today the number of positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic is 1,010,660.

Cabinet Secretary for Health Humza Yousaf said: “The past two years have undoubtedly been some of the toughest this country has faced in peacetime and as we hit the one millionth confirmed COVID-19 case in Scotland, it is important to acknowledge the huge toll the pandemic has had on us all.

“We have all been affected by the covid crisis in some way or another and my thoughts remain with everyone who has lost a loved one.

“The immense pressure the virus has also put on our NHS cannot be understated and I’d like thank every single person across our health and social care sectors who have worked so hard to look after us.

“As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, all of us can play a part in helping to keep everyone safe by getting vaccinated. I would urge anyone who is eligible to get their vaccines and boosters as soon as possible, it really could save your life.”


From Friday people may come to Scotland without the need for a test before departing if they are fully vaccinated or under the age of 18. Self-isolation will not be required on arrival. But travellers to Scotland will need to take a test on or before Day 2 – either a lateral flow or a PCR test. These new measures apply to all areas of the UK.


Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19, regardless of vaccination status, must still self-isolate for 10 days. However, from tomorrow, 6 January, new cases will be advised they can end self-isolation if they don’t have a fever and test negative on a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) on Day 6 and again at least 24 hours later.

Triple vaccinated close contacts of those who test positive, both household and non-household, or those under the age of 18 and four months, do not need to isolate as long as they return a negative LFD test result each day for seven consecutive days, and remain fever free.

In this last week 108,046 people tested positive for the first time. The Office of National Statistics reported that for the week to 31 December 2021 1 in 20 people living in private households had coronavirus.

Today there is a * next to the total number of positive cases which have been reported as there is a delay in test results being recorded.

DateNumber of casesCases in LothianNew tests and test positivityICUHospital People who have had third or booster doseDeaths
24 December 20217,0761,29755,780 (14.6%)345362,841,7039,822
29 December 202115,849
30 December 202116,8572,39871,612 (27.1%)348102,944,9779,845
31 December 202111,962*60,818 (22.6%)368592,979,3349,858
1 January 202217,065
2 January 202214,080
3 January 202220,2172,30465,860 (34.9%)381,0312,992,583
4 January 202217,25956,290 (35.3%)421,1473,006,1339,858
5 January 202116,1032,58069,327 (26.9%)421,2233,016,1989,872
6 January 202211,360*2,05957,217 (23.1%)431,2673,041,9619,890
7 January 2022 14,4862,25378,300 (21.7%)481,3233,063.0009,905
8 January 202212,60257,907 (25.1%)481,3623,082,231
9 January 20227,56138,423 (23.2%)551,3823,101,096
10 January 202211,8271,70747,019 (29.5%)541,4323,115,0659,934
11 January 202210,392(27.7%651,4799,950
12 January 2022
13 January 2022
14 January 2022501,5443,171,28910,038
15 January 20227,833461,54010,059
16 January 2022
17 January 20226,221579431,5573,204,31110,062
18 January 20227,752637421,5463,214,06210,093
19 January 2022
20 January 2022
21 January 2022
22 January 20226,768421,4583,245,885
23 January 20226,329411,4413,252,81910,199