Have you ever heard a success story from an artist or band who explained they were discovered out of the blue, only to be awarded a music contract almost immediately and be thrust into stardom? While this kind of story can be incredibly inspiring, especially for up-and-coming artists, the fact is that they are very rare – if that. The majority of successful artists out there today will tell you a much different story in which they worked hard on their craft, didn’t take no for an answer and spent years chasing their dreams before getting lucky.

As a member of a small band who so desperately wants to be discovered as fast as possible, what can you learn from others before you? How can you get discovered faster? There are several steps bands can and should take that can hasten their success, and here are those steps.

Look at Your Band as a Business

The first thing to focus on is getting in the right mindset. Rather than seeing your band strictly from the artistic standpoint, it’s important to view it as a business. And with any new business, you would need a robust marketing plan – which is what your band needs. Marketing simply means you’re putting together a message and delivering it to your target audience – in this case, the fan base you hope to build, and even a record producer.

When you start to look at your band as a business you also see it in a more professional light, which can help to push and motivate you further.

Some marketing techniques you can use include:

  • Create a professional-looking website for the band that reflects the music genre and personality
  • Create an account for the band on all the top social media platforms – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Start posting on your website and social networks regularly
  • Make sure you engage with followers on your website and social media
  • Look into cross-promotion

Ensure You’re at Peak Performance Levels

Because you never know when something will stick and you could ultimately start trending, you need to be sure the band is at peak performance levels. You want to be ready to perform within a moment’s notice. This means plenty of rehearsals so that everyone is at the top of their game, and not just rehearsals in someone’s house, but professional studio space.

Professional London rehearsal studios such as those provided by Pirate could be exactly what your band needs to push themselves and be the best they can be. PIRATE offers space that can fit up to six people and is fitted with all the best equipment you need for professional sound.

Don’t Rely on Your Old Stuff

Building a fan base means giving them plenty of great music to listen to. You can only rely on your old stuff for so long. Creating new music should be a priority and needs to continue no matter how small your fan base is at the moment. And of course, you don’t want to just churn out music for the sake of it – everything has to be good. It has to be the kind of quality you stand behind. It should feel unique and reflect the band’s image.

Book as Many Gigs as Possible

It’s also important to get out in front of a live audience as often as possible. Not only will that grow your fan base, but they may post clips of your songs on social media, which can help you to grow even more and get your name out there.

In terms of what gigs to book – it’s time to stop worrying about those that seem too big or too small and just take anything you can. At the very least, it’s an opportunity to play in front of a live audience, build a stage presence, practice and have a great time in the process.

Local gigs can be a great tool to use. This can include local fairs and carnivals, open mic nights, performing at a bar or restaurant, events and so forth. It may seem like you’re starting small, but you need to start somewhere and local events can lead to bigger ones.

Collaborate with Other Artists/Bands

How many times have collaboration projects ended up being the launching pad for up-and-comers? This could work to your advantage as well. Look for other artists your band could collaborate with, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and even your genre. This can create some of the most interesting and catchy results.

Consider Hiring a Manager

Once you hit the level where it becomes too tricky to manage all the bookings, media and so forth, it will likely be time to hire a manager. You may not even want to wait until that point. Managers can be very helpful in promoting the band, getting you seen in venues and media that you may not be capable of landing on your own and even helping from a networking perspective. Just be sure to hire a manager with experience, a proven track record and one who can relate and believe in your sound.

Start Sending Your Music Out

While this may sound archaic in today’s digital world, the fact is that demo discs can still have an impact. Creating a demo disc that you send out to as many producers as possible isn’t always fruitless. There are producers in the industry that pride themselves on listening to as much as possible in terms of demos that get sent in. In their eyes, you never know when you may discover the next big thing. So, don’t be afraid to hustle and send your music in, and when you have new music, send it in again.

Getting your music discovered is so much deeper than just possessing talent. There are plenty of talented people in the world, but what can set you apart is your drive and determination to be successful and to chase your passion for music. All of these tips are sure to help your band get discovered faster.

Photo by Matthew Kalapuch on Unsplash